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We give you access to space

Whether you work as a researcher within microgravity applications, atmospheric physics, or other interesting scientific disciplines, you are passionate about your science.

We offer you rapid access to space and back on the most well-proven suborbital rocket service in the world, SubOrbital Express.

However, access to space can be so much more than a great tool for research. If you want to give your students a unique experience in designing and launching their own experiments or if you wish to send your wedding rings to space and back for eternal love, we can assist you.

Watch the film about SubOrbital Express 3 and what the customers say.


Successful microgravity missions


Experiment modules developed


Sounding rockets launched


Atmospheric missions performed

68° N, 21° E

Excellent launch facilities above arctic circle

Do you want access to space for scientific purposes?

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Microgravity can be used as a tool for many scientific disciplines such as Earth science, materials science, biology, medicine and physics.

Do you want to send something to space?

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And get it back? A promotion activity? The possibilities are limitless. A space flight certificate to enhance the value of your product is of course included.

Tell us what you want onboard and then we will talk!

Esrange in winter


Europe’s largest civilian space center

Esrange has access to a vast land impact area and is equipped with modern facilities such as clean rooms, laboratories, and workshops – all to ensure mission success. 24/7 engineering support is provided for you on-site to achieve optimal results. Our space center also houses its own hotel, restaurant, and a multitude of indoor and outdoor recreation facilities.

The launch site is located 40 km from the town of Kiruna above the polar circle in the north of Sweden. The domestic airport has daily flights to Stockholm and long-distance night trains. The climate is typically continental, with cold winters and relatively warm summers with the midnight sun. Around the site, the beauty of Lapland is wide open and if you are lucky, you will see foxes, reindeers, and moose strolling by.

Safe launch and quick land recovery

You can follow the flight from our launch site and monitor the performance of your experiment in real time. After the flight, you are of course eager to get your experiment or your product back as soon as possible. Thanks to land recovery performed by SSC, you are assured access within two hours after the launch.

When is the
next launch?

Announcement of Flight Opportunity

The next SubOrbital Express microgravity mission, S1X-4/M16, is scheduled for launch in April, 2024.

This Announcement of Flight Opportunity is directed towards users with interest to fly items or scientific and technological experiments ranging from 0.5 kg to 10 kg net mass.

The access to SSC’s SubOrbital Express flight opportunities is open to everyone; institutional as well as private and corporate organizations.

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Esrange Space Center

  • Fully booked

    April 2024 (100 % booked)

  • Open

    July 2025

  • Open

    October 2026

  • Completed

    February 2024 (Rideshare)

  • Completed

    November 2022

  • Completed

    June 2019

Read about the successful SubOrbital Express flight completed on 23 November 2022.


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